Welcome to my site…..

I want to transform my body of knowledge into legacy through education. I embrace diversity, therefore am delighted to work with persons of all genders, sexualities and cultures. I’ve noticed a recognition of the value of my work, and a deep desire for technical, emotional, relationship, sexual, energetic skills in you, my community.

To that end I’ve consolidated my body of knowledge into a series of offerings on this site as an invitation. I invite you on an intimate adventure, where my diverse life experience and skills can be built around your needs to create a personal learning program.

My aim is to meet your deep desire for these specific skills on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, so that you can embody the fulfilled, committed and dynamic future which you are looking for.

Individuals, couples and polyamorous arrangements are always very welcome.

The site outlines my ethos in education, the packages available to you as an individual, plus the workshops I have developed for organizations, and some special deals. My calander is on here which shows the upcoming educational events which you can enjoy. You can follow the ‘Minax Musings’ section of the site for useful, applicable and titillating educational information that I find inspiring. Connect with me on facebook and twitter for more updates.