Here is a list of some of the many workshops Eve Minax can present:


“Take Two (Orgasms) and Call Me in the Morning: Playing Doctor for the Medically Curious”

Medical play doesn’t have to be scary and extreme. We all played Doctor as naughty kids, and now we can as naughty adults too! Renowned BDSM “practitioner” “Dr. Eve’ will show you how a little clinical flavor is a prescription for fun.

“Lock ‘em Up: Chastity Play for the Curious”

Chastity play is LOTS of fun, and can really enhance your sex life. Join educator and chastity expert Eve Minax for an arousing introduction to the ins and outs of chastity. This class will primarily focus on male chastity, but will discuss psychology and techniques that are applicable to all. We will talk about entry-level chastity devices and what to expect, practical considerations for wearing devices, chastity games you can play, and the short and long-term sexual and psychological effects you can expect. You will learn how to make chastity play work for YOU and your relationship. So whether you are merely curious or craving the lock and key, come learn about one of the sexiest and most intimate forms of control.

“Give Spanks”

Spanking is something that everyone – from the novice to the skilled player – can enjoy, but it is often dismissed as “easy” or “basic.” On the contrary, spanking requires just as much skill, rhythm, timing, force and seduction as any other form of play. Eve Minax, professional and lifestyle Domina and educator, will show you how to make your hands one of the best “implements” to work with. She’ll tell you all about the “whys” of spanking, offer some special tips and secrets on the “hows,” share some fun spanking games, and give you a demo to bring it all together. Whether you’re an “old hand” at spanking or a novice in the art, come out and give spanks! This class will include a chance to spank or be spanked or both. Participation isn’t required, but it’ll sure be fun!