“The Fuck is Swifter than the Cry: Raping with Intent and Care”

Fantasies of rape and violation are powerful and appealing, but challenging to properly fulfill. How can we abduct, control and violate someone in a way that is erotically satisfying for all parties? How can we “rape” with severity but without lasting damage? From the psychological preliminaries, to the actual enactment, to the aftershocks, we must conduct our “rapes” with savvy and care. This class will forcefully present the many vicissitudes of violation, with a particular focus on how to ravish safely and erotically. We will primarily focus on violating male bodies, but all genders will be covered, and anal rape will receive special attention since it equalizes us. Bring an open mind, erotic sensitivity and your predatorial or victim drive.

“If You’re Good You’ll get a Lolly: Playing Pediatrician in Medical/Age Play Scenarios”

The authority of the Doctor or Nurse is well recognized in real life as in kink play, as is the role of Daddy or Mommy in age play, but what if you are the child and the authority figure is a Pediatrician? Who will save you now? Join “Dr.” Eve Minax, Pediatrician at Large, as she shows you how to combine medical play and age play for a delightful (and perhaps slightly terrifying!) visit to the Pediatrician’s office. We will discuss the psychological aspects of caring for and examining the “child,” targeting and tailoring your medical procedures for the young’uns, and special pediatric conditions that may require medical intervention. This class is not only for age and medical players, but also for anyone interested in two challenging areas of taboo play combined in one class. So get your gloves on, or your lolly out, and come out to play.

“Lock and Load: Extreme Tease and Denial through Milking, Forced & Ruined Orgasms and Chastity Training”

Tease and Denial is truly delightful for all involved. Advanced techniques for controlling orgasms can have a remarkable impact when sexually training your slave. Come learn how to take your tease and denial to the next level. We will discuss forced orgasms, and ways of taking what is normally pleasurable and making it painful. Chastity training is central to any regimen of orgasm control, so we will discuss general considerations, specific devices, and chastity games that one can play. And what would chastity be without those wonderful accompaniments: ruined orgasms, prostate milking, and extreme teasing? Find out how to keeping the plumbing in order while still keeping your slave denied and on the edge of their seat. This class encourages Dom/mes/subs of all genders and the demo will be determined by best suited applicant.

“You’re Going to Need an Enema for That! – Many Ways of Enema Play”

For some of us, enemas are a major component of our play and even our lives, but many of us struggle to creatively incorporate enemas into a greater variety of scenes. The Medical Enema is an obvious favorite, and “Dr” Eve loves administering them, but how does one cohesively integrate an enema with other types of scenes? Age play, domestic discipline, classic slave training, animal play, tantric massage, mummification and meditative journeys… these scenes deserve enemas too! This class will develop your understanding of four modus operandi — punishment, facilitation, fetish, and health — which will allow you to confidently deploy enemas in almost any scenario. Learn how to utilize feelings of embarrassment and humiliation, as well as a broader range of emotional reactions and associations. Make your enemas work for you and the scene you are creating. Bring any ideas, questions or concerns, and we will discuss (and probably demonstrate) the many varieties of enema play!

“The Doctor Is In! – Medical Play from Fantasy to Heavy Edge with ‘Doctor’ Eve.”

Join “Doctor” Eve as she provides a broad introduction to this fantastic form of play. Medical play is wonderfully suited to expressing Dominance and submission, and can involve anything from fantasy play to extreme procedures. The Doctor’s bedside manner can range from gently coercive and seductive to clinically cruel, while the patient can be masochistic, reluctant or non-compliant. Doctor Eve will share her strategies for consultation and examination, as well as the administration of procedures to cure what “ails” the patient. A couple lucky patients will be selected for demonstrations. A little education, a demo or two, and then let the cures begin! All genders, persuasions, play levels etc encouraged to attend.