A veritable Pedagogue at heart, I adore teaching and offer educational training programs for lifestyle and professional Dominants/submissives and their partners/friends. I can accommodate individuals, couples, and groups up to seven people for singular or long term studies. Fees vary determined by arrangement.

Please contact me directly for further information on how we may be able to work together.

In addition to private lessons, I am also staff Instructor at the only school devoted to the arts of BDSM, The Cleo Dubois Academy of S/M- Arts, (http://www.sm-arts.com) and I often teach workshops around town.

Consulting $500
1 – 1.5 hours

There are many reasons why one may require consultations. Maybe you’re an individual who has come to the realization that you are kinky but haven’t quite learned how to articulate your desires or fantasies, or perhaps you don’t yet know your desires. Perhaps you are a seasoned player who has lost a bit of edge or inspiration, or finally you are simply a curious bystander who would like to learn more about the realm of BDSM for personal or professional reasons; the consultation will allow you to discuss your concerns in a discrete and positive setting.

In the consultation you will have the opportunity to:

  • Reveal your personal understanding of “kink” or BDSM
  • Discuss past experiences and/or desired future experiences
  • Learn how your desires coincide as a pair or in a group setting
  • Obtain suggestions for acceptance of your personal fetishes and desires
  • Develop negotiation skills for playing with others or revealing interests to your partner(s)
  • Get to know your needs as a Dominant or Top
  • Get to know your needs as a submissive or bottom
  • Discover community resources
  • Procure advice and recommendations on BDSM and kink for film and theater productions

Ignition or Cultivating Fire packages
1-2 hours over 6 weeks to three months

These packages generally involve hands on skill training. Perhaps you understand your desires, but would like to learn more about the skills, techniques and equipment utilized in BDSM, or maybe you are a skilled player with a particular interest in learning a new technique or device; educational sessions encourage you to learn the skills that you need to make your play more profound and pleasurable.

Through guided instruction you will have to opportunity to learn and/or improve:

  • Approaches to your fantasies and desires
  • Physical and psychological safety and techniques
  • Domestic discipline practices, such as: spanking, cropping, paddling, caning (Western, English and Eastern styles), birching and bastinado.
  • Corporal techniques such as: whipping, ball busting and face slapping
  • Erotic torment: nipple and genital play, from light sensation to extreme intensity
  • Electrical play, primarily with the ET-312 and the Folsom PSG-MAX, safety techniques and attachments.
  • Bondage (Western, some Shibari and fusion), from light restraint to immobilizing and predicament.
  • Techniques for cross dressing scenarios that lead to serious and beautiful gender play
  • Role playing – How to create your scene and maintain character without feeling silly.
  • How to discover your or your partners boundaries and encourage transgression thereof.

Diving Deeper with personalized training

Six months.

Unlike consultations and private instruction, personal training sessions are designed to test your level of play in an intimate and demanding fashion, allowing complete exchange of power and energy. The training sessions are formulated around a mutually agreed upon scenario, commonly incorporating a fantasy or desire that you would like to realize. These sessions are extremely individualized to suit each person’s specific needs, therefore, there is no set “menu,” however; I do enjoy taking liberties with my particular whims and desires if you are so inclined. Finally, although I appreciate collaborating with you on certain scenarios, I do require an ability to articulate My own artistic integrity in scene.

The list below, albeit incomplete, gives you an idea of some of the various scenarios I enjoy:

  • Expanded exploration of fantasies and desires
  • Full gender transformation with extended reconditioning
  • Extreme sensory deprivation, including ritual mummification and rites of passage (ask me about “Mummification Vacation” and “Gender Journey”)
  • Predicament and inescapable bondage
  • Advanced corporal discipline including heavy caning, paddling and spanking
  • Extravagant role play including Devious Doctor, Meticulous Teacher, Strict and Loving Mommy, Relentless Interrogator and Seductive Goddess
  • Hypnosis and psychodrama
  • Fetishes, including leather, rubber, fur, shaving, etc.
  • Expanding your limits and boundaries
  • Extended and relentless torment, including, but not limited to the use of restraint, electricity, suspension, and medical procedures (usually starting at six hours, but generally requiring 12-48 hours)