Kink Coaching entails helping the client(s) address and explore alternative approaches to their sex lives, which in turn helps them achieve more intimacy and fulfillment in their interpersonal relationships. It can be very therapeutic to learn how to have more connection through being open to engaging your partner(s) in an authentic fashion.

If “we cannot understand life until we learn to reverence sex”, then we cannot understand sex without reverencing life. Consequently, I draw from a myriad of sources to illuminate my perspective. Some of my favorite books on alternative sexualities are scientific research on the amazing diversity in animal and vegetal hemispheres like Dr Tatiana and history like Sex At Dawn, Christopher Ryan and Cacild Jethá and The Myth of Monogamy by David Barash and Judith Eve Lipton. But one cannot live in books, I keep my awareness open to alternative sexualities in art, music, film, theater, and in confidentially dialoguing with people on their own sexual habits and desires, people like you.

I find it disturbing that in the United States, sex, (and often conflated with violence) is thrown at us from all media resources, but that sensitive consensual sexual practices between loving adults is equated with shame and guilt. Most adults in the US talk very minimally, if at all, about the very basis for our existence. My goal is to actively engage anyone and everyone in mindful body awareness contributing to a world of sex positivity wherein we will all someday find agreement that “the only unnatural sex act, is that which you cannot perform” (Kinsey). And for that, you will need a coach. Welcome to my site. I look forward to starting a dialogue on how I can help you.

To  begin, I have created a short, medium and longterm coaching packages, called “Ignition”, “Cultivating your fire” and “Diving deeper”

These options are created and designed for different needs and purposes. I embrace diversity, therefore am delighted to work with persons of all genders, sexualities and cultures. Individuals, couples and polyamorous arrangements are also welcome for any of the options. Please read below to determine which possibility may suit you best, and do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

I offer remote coaching for people not in the Bay Area. The first session we would have face to face, and after that regular contact would be through email, video and phone.

Consultation – a one off meeting with me, where you can discuss your concerns in a positive setting.

Ignition – A six week hands on coaching package. We see each other once a week for 1 hour. This time includes hands on and talking time, and a package of resources to support your holistic development.

Cultivating fire – A three month hands on coaching package. We see each other every two weeks for 2 hours, and have email and phone contact in between to support your learning goals. This package also includes a tailor made list of resources to support your development, 2 hours of free morning time in my dungeon space, PLUS free entrance to any regular workshops I teach in that period.

Diving Deeper – a six month package for select students; This package included a creative collaborators between myself and you. Together we determine your intensity of Immersion. Including private sessions and public outings .

For more details on the content of any these packages, please see “how does it work?“.

For questions and concerns, including rates, payment plans and packages on any of these, please contact me, stating your interest.

I continue to be deeply committed to the queer and alternative community. I have a limited number of reduced rate and barter opportunities for committed students with references.

Call me at (415) 994-2887 to discuss possibilities. Be prepared to tell me more about your history, experiences, and where your interests lie currently. I am happy to work with you and your loved ones!