I offer regular public workshops for people interested in kink education. Please check out my workshops page, and the calendar to see which you might want to attend.

If you want a more in depth opportunity to learn, I offer a kink education or coaching for individuals or people in relationships. It’s a tailored process that fits your needs around desire for deep connection, whether you are a novice or experienced/professional.

Kink education is the option for you if you are interested in one off learning programs that focus around a specific skill. I offer resolution focussed hands on skill based intimacy coaching for people committed to developing or expanding the erotic in their lives. It delights me to support women helping me to be in service. My specialties are medical and chastity training for increased intimacy, deep service, and erotic development.

Email me for rates and packages

If you are looking for a longer term program and a deeper experience of your erotic development, then kink coaching is the right option for you.

Kink coaching is a longer term person centered approach to your erotic development, where together we focus on a range of skills that bridges the gap between your mind and your body. A kink coaching program is ideal if you want a deeper experience of erotic development and community. Kink coaching is an investment in your erotic experience for life. Its an intimate and individual experience which will suit your needs whether its for 6 weeks or 6 months.

Email me for rates and packages

Because I’m passionate about your needs, and have a wide range of resources available to me beyond my embodied knowledge, (materials, recommendations, community, places to stay) my speciality lies in offering you more ‘bang’ for your investment ‘buck’, so to speak.