Eve Minax

eve_minaxThroughout my history I have been blessed to work and study directly with some of the best teachers our community has to offer. Both my knowledge and skills owe their richness to all those who have touched them. I continue to study from others and especially learn from my students. – Eve Minax

Kink Educator and Pleasure Artist Eve Minax delights in proliferating carnal knowledge from the heart. She presents at numerous sex shops, academic forums, and alternative sexuality conferences around the globe.

Recognized as an expert resource across multiple fields, Eve currently serves as an advisor on RAC, Research and Advisory Committee, for CARAS (Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities) assisting post-graduates with their thesis work. She is the former production for CineKink: Chicago, and acts as West Coast Coordinator for the Leather Archives and Museum, helping conserve and disperse leather history. Active in the field of alternative sexualities, she supports the NCSF and Woodhull Foundation.

Eve practices from a place of diversity and acceptance. She helps many clients of all persuasions develop and maintain long term connected relationships. Eve values the magic of Dominance and submission (D/s or Control/surrender) dynamics, and helps newcomers and seasoned alike navigate their relationships. For hands on work, she has studied and taught Urban Tantra with Barbara Carellas and is a certified Bondassage practitioner. On the psychological Eve studied and practices Dominance and submission with Sybil Holiday, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, (the other CBT), Relaxation and Mindfulness Techniques, and Non Violent Communication.

Relationships are about work, but that doesn’t mean they need to be difficult. Eve designs programs with clients to that suit their immediate needs and long term goals.

We all wish to connect with another. Let Eve help you find your way…